Jim Butler – Vilhon Reach, The

The Reach has always been considered the breadbasket of the Realms, the birthplace of countless warriors who have shed their lifeblood on the fields of battle. It’s also home to noble families that have ruled kingdoms for countless generations, lizardman cities that have existed for hundreds of years, and an ancient plague that still haunts the land.

Take a trip to Hlondeth, the yuan-ti city that stands like an emerald beacon over the waters of Vilhon. Visit the gladiatorial arena of Hlath or plunge into the depths of the Deepwash. Feel the political tension that hovers over Shining Arrabar like a poised dagger. But always remember that in the Reach, as in all lands that adventurers tread, not all is as it appears.

This FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign accessory contains a full-color poster map fo the Vilhon Reach as well as new artwork that brings the reach to life. A 64-page accessory for the Dungeon Master details the lengthy history of the Vilhon, as well as providing current information on the various countries and city-states. A 32-page travelogue provides background for players whose characters would try their hand at adventuring in the Vilhon Reach.  

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The Vilhon Reach

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1995 (data przybliżona)


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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons , RPG , Dungeons & Dragons , Zapomniane Krainy , D&D , AD&D , Forgotten Realms , RPG



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