Lisa Swerling – Drink!

An exciting new collection of cartoons that celebrate the beauty of booze, proving that in life, as in all things, all you need is love, gin and tonic. There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day. Or on a warm day. Or a cool day. Or even a cold day. In fact, few things are as adaptable as alcohol. It makes the bad times good and the good times better. It comes in a variety of flavours, colours, strengths, shapes and sizes (ok, it’s the glasses that are the different shapes and sizes, but you get the idea). Vimrod is here to celebrate the world’s favourite pastime with a series of illustrations that look at the world through the bottom of a bottle with the humour and clarity that only a stiff drink can provide: An empty glass means a full life. Wine is made to be drunk. I am drunk. Therefore, am I wine? ‘Drink’ is one of the first in an exciting new collection of books inspired by the card-world’s fastest growing phenomenon. Filled with priceless jokes, fables and philosophy, these drawings are as bold as a Cabernet Sauvignon and as fruity as Bordeaux. Simple but bold illustrations with bright and cheery colours make this book the perfect gift, whatever your tipple of choice. .  

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2 października 2006


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