Philip K. Dick – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, vol.1: Dust to Dust

New York Time bestselling author Chris Robertson (CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE, iZOMBIE, STAN LEE’S STARBORN)bwrites prequel to legendary sci-fi author Philip K. Dick DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, the inspiration for BLADE RUNNER and one of the greatest science fiction novels ever published!

Who hunted androids before Rick Deckard? Just two men: Malcolm Reed, the only „special” human with the ability to discern man from machine, and Charlie Victor, who, because of his past, is the perfect man for the job… or is he? Journey through world returning from brink-of-the-21st-century/" title="Scott Simpson – Native Faith. Polish Neo-Paganism at the Brink of the 21st Century ebook pdf mobi epub" style="text-decoration: underline">the brink of destruction as Malcolm and Charlie hunt down six rogue androids that need to be „retired”.   źródło opisu: BOOM! Studios, 2010 źródło okładki: zdjęcie autorskie

Boom! Studios
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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, vol.1: Dust to Dust

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październik 2010 (data przybliżona)


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dick , adler , komiks



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