Shigenobu Kobayashi – A Book of Colors

A Book of Colors is your guide to discovering, understanding, and using color. Until now, books of color have catered to the specialist. Here at last is a volume for both novice and professional.

By arranging color combinations into mood categories-such as “Fresh,” “Urbane,” “Alluring,” “Dynamic,” and the like – A Book of Colors penetrates the barriers that have traditionally kept such information in the domain of the trained technician and artist. Precise analytical commentary allows you to understand how color works and then to exploit fully each of the color schemes in the book or to create your own.

A second section presents eighteen major color tones in varied combinations. By extending the principles outlined in the first section, you can shape a personal color palette to fit any need.

Ad men, designers, and artists have long utilized the power of color. Here is a concise reference that fully explains the essence of color’s meaning and force. More than 1,200 color combinations are keys to making color work for you at home, in the office, and at play. Whether used for work or pleasure, for dress or redecorating, A Book of Colors provides easy-to-use information for the designer, businessman, and homeowner.   źródło opisu: Nota wydawcy źródło okładki: Zdjęcie autorskie

tytuł oryginału:
A Book of Colors

data wydania:
1987 (data przybliżona)


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design , kolory