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Sun Tzu – The Art of War

For more than two thousand years, Sun-tzu’s The Art of War has provided leaders with essential advice on battlefield tactics, managing troops and terrain, and employing cunning and deception. An elemental part of Chinese culture, it has also become a touchstone for the Western struggle for survival and success, whether in battle, in business or in relationships. Now, in this crisp, accessible new translation, John Minford brings this seminal work to life for today’s readers.

Capturing the literary quality of The Art of War – its lucid, epigrammatic, almost poetic style – as well as its philosophical and strategic content, Minford present the core text in two different formats. First, the unadorned thirteen chapters allow readers to form their own first impressions of the ancient words of wisdom ascribed to Sun-tzu. Then the same text appears with extensive running commentary from the canon of traditional Chinese commentators and others, providing context and subtext to the work. A lively, learned introduction, chronologies, suggested readings, and other valuable apparatus round this authoritative volume. Even those readers familiar with The Art of War will experience it anew, finding it more fascinating – and more chilling – than ever.   źródło opisu: Penguin Books, 2009 źródło okładki:

Penguin Books
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孫子兵法 [Sūnzǐ Bīngfǎ]

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2 września 2009


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filozofia i etyka


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