Tiffany Truitt – Naturals

Ripped away from those she loves most, Tess is heartbroken as her small band of travelers reaches the Isolationist camp in the mysterious and barren Middlelands. Desperate to be reunited with James, the forbidden chosen one who stole her heart, she wants nothing to do with the rough Isolationists, who are without allegiance in the war between the Westerners and Easterners. But having their protection, especially for someone as powerful as Tess, may come at a cost.

When James returns, Tess’s world once again feels complete—until she discovers her sister, Louisa, is in danger, held captive by the rogue chosen one George. Tess will do anything to protect her loved ones—but will the price be more than she can give?

Tiffany Truitt’s Lost Souls series is a thought-provoking, thrilling story that asks who the true enemy really is—the chosen ones who are different, or the naturals…who are just like us.   źródło opisu: źródło okładki:

Entangled Publishing
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2 kwietnia 2013


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fantastyka, fantasy, science fiction


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